Jacqueline, 20, College. Fandoms: SPN, Sherlock, (does metallica count?), GoT, HP, Walking Dead, LotR, Doctor Who. Ships: Destiel, Cockles, Johnlock, Sabriel, Flandus.


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ASJHDJFGDHFJDGBFS I’ve never seen this before!

This is what I saw in my head… I’m sorry. ;D


All the OTP feels. Because I’m pretty sure he would be able to kick Daryl’s ass whenever he’s doing or saying stupid things.

asdsdfjdfhgdfg…  This is awesome and so are you!! 

Haha, Sean in the last gif: “hehehehe… damn, can’t scoot any closer.”


Just look at Norm. So adorable :D

They’re so happy together. <3